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Idea Design International works in architecture and design, striving to innovate and astonish, but always paying the utmost attention to practical aspects such as functionality, cost estimates, and potential construction issues, making use of technical designs complete with 3D modeling and rendering.

All of this creative and technical effort is then transferred to the actual building process. Idea Design International differs from the rest, in that our company personally sees to carrying out project implementation. We rely on the invaluable cooperation of our own select craftsmen, each of whom is highly skilled in his/her own area of expertise, yet at the same time guided by us in choosing materials and techniques which will be coordinated during the overall assembly of the different elements and materials. Idea Design International offers its services as the clients’ sole contact in charge of operations, so that they will feel completely at ease and will actually have the chance to get involved in and excited about the process.

When all is said and done, you will have a dream come true and will be handed the keys to your new home – unique and personalized, designed by the meticulous hand of a skilled tailor, and originating from your own personal desires.


Idea Design International plans and develops architectural concepts and designs for commercial brands and businesses, creating image, innovation, and individuality.

We can oversee the entire project, or just the basic layout, with the assistance of our skilled craftsmen.

Successfully meeting customers’ needs is just as much our goal as it is yours.


Feeling good about oneself is a common aspiration and, often times, the setting in which we live becomes a place where we take refuge for our body and shut our mind off to the world.

Idea Design International creates wellness environments harmonizing all the materials and contours of the elements chosen and paying the utmost attention to both design and comfort.

We turn plans into reality with the know-how offered by craftsmen and technology offered by specialized businesses, as we oversee and coordinate complex construction projects.

We want the relaxed frame of mind that our clients have during the building process to be a promising prelude to the moments that will follow.


Idea Design International strives to apply its 20-plus years of experience in the sector of luxury-villa architecture and interior design to the nautical sector.

We handle everything from design to implementation, with our expert craftsmen who have a gift for creating excellence. We serve as a point of reference between boat owners and shipyards, to offer all of our inspiration and technical expertise.

We are at boat owners’ service with countless original proposals and fresh ideas, so that they can sail the seas in exclusive, sophisticated settings.

And at the same time, we cater to shipyards that want to offer their clientele a creative new rush.

A service complete with design, technical plans, and construction by skilled craftsmen all rolled into one contact will allow you to navigate in true Italian style.

Industrial Design

Idea Design International’s creations are all one-of-a-kind models, because that’s what dreams are. And everyone has the right to dream.

Private customers have their own dreams, and businesses want to make others dream, offering their clientele practical but original products.

Idea Design International designs and builds exclusive settings for its own direct clients, where fine detail can be appreciated to the fullest. This is where we get our ability to handle industrial and concept design, and to take on all-encompassing projects for companies.

We know how to shape contours, combine materials, and generate products boasting impeccable design and functionality.

We focus on detail, because in the end, that’s what makes the difference between an everyday object and an exclusive creation.

Design Out


Exterior architecture and interior design go hand in hand. The architecture should be a direct and natural result of the interior design’s project development.

Idea Design International has become known for its ability to combine the beauty of architecture, intelligence of interior design, and superior quality found in detail – which all stem from the experience of making handcrafted furnishings.

Idea design International makes plans for interior design and exterior architecture to make the wish of living in a harmonious, exclusive setting come true.

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With its experience in designing and building exclusive residences, Idea Design International is aware that the outdoor surroundings are just as essential as the private living areas.

Landscaping is often the last phase and the decorative frame finishing off our work; we focus on both aesthetic value and functionality. We make architectural designs for the natural environment outside, intermingling pools and gathering areas – where we also love to include dramatic elements.

Urban Design

Having a nicer city to live in is something that everyone dreams of; making this dream come true is something that very few can do.

Creating ideal urban settings will not make this dream come true, but it can certainly help.

Idea Design International offers all of its skill and international experience to contribute to urban areas and street furniture with the same passion it dedicates to private homes.

After all, the city belongs to everyone.