Turnkey Project

Turnkey Project

Idea Design International is able to work together with hundreds of companies and artisans in the production of tailor-made houses, from the project to the final realization: what in the design field is called as “Turnkey”.

We start from concept and design, and then we take care of the engineering, of the building until to the complete supply of furniture, the external architecture and gardens. An attitude that requires experience, preparation and organization, involving a large number of human resources. This activity has brought international fame to the study Idea Design, making it one of the references of Italian design in the world.

Settings and modalities of intervention

We create settings for homes, villas, wellness centers, spas, shops, yachts, sailing boats, cruise ships. Projects that originate with a concept and come to life as a finished product reflecting the client’s dreams and needs, all the way through to turn-key delivery. Our settings are finished right down to the last detail and carefully studied through 3D and graphic  software, that providing a virtual representation of the space to allow the most effective selection of material and components. This is how to reach a goal by creating spaces, no matter where in the world, how to integrate the personal qualities of the people living there while surrounding them with all the artisan quality and tradition with goes along with “Made in Italy”.

Idea Design personally takes care of production, through the collaboration of its craftsmen, each of which, with the excellence of its competence, is guided in the choice of materials and construction techniques and coordinated in the complex phases of assembly of the different elements.

We set ourselves as the only managers and referent of the client, which in total serenity assists with enthusiasm to grow activities.

A Commitment to 360 degrees

Technical design starts with talent, but is perfected through knowledge, experience and dedication. It is a prove science defined by strict and well organized phase of work. Idea Design applies all of this in its comprehensive service, handling all aspect of design, from aesthetics to construction. We provide our expertise and international experience to combine design with planning guidelines and static sciences.

We go so far to make a construction plan for each individual element, so that the craftsmen can complete them perfectly, the operational expenses and method can be evaluated, and finally, achieving excellence by focusing on detail.

The creativity and fantasy must be guided by rationality and organization.